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Some applications or installs require fireproofing. With a broad range of available finishes and customizable specifications, you get the exact product you require to fit your project every time. Our incredibly realistic, U.S.-made concrete faux wall panels are designed to give you that cool, smooth calm of concrete surfaces at a fraction of the cost of real concrete. Tilt-up wall panels require significant on-site space as well as time for setup and casting, and then need to be rotated onto the building and finished properly to achieve an architecturally desirable … These panels have a Class A Fire Rating & are for interior use. urbanCONCRETE lightweight faux concrete panels give you the sleek, fresh, and modern look of concrete walls with out any hassle. Our concrete wall panels are cast using a Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) matrix,a high performance concrete that allows the panels to be made lighter, stronger, thinner and larger then conventional concrete. Browse our products and choose your look. Just because something isn't real, doesn't make it any lesser. Modular Connections, LLC offers enhanced Concrete Wall Systems to serve a variety of industry applications, including fire protection, ballistic protection, decorative screening, sound attenuation, and anti-cut anti-climb security perimeters. White Pine MDF Panel White Pine Paper decorative wall panels offers White Pine Paper decorative wall panels offers a beautiful, simulated wood grain pattern that is as elegant as real wood. A built-in, meticulously engineered moisture management system allows air and moisture to exit, reducing the risk of mold and water damage to … Shear walls 4. We have a great selection of panels for general construction or remodeling projects. USDAGOV/Flickr. Our newest product addition is CarbonCast® Enclosure Systems. Nitterhouse precast concrete wall panels may also be designed as load-bearing, eliminating costly steel. 3D Brick Panels for Interior and Exterior DIY Wall Decoration Rustic Brick Design, Faux Brick Panels Brick Design Pack of 4 Tiles (Compositive) (Vintage, White Matt) 4.3 out of 5 stars 15. Their durability and structural integrity makes precast shear walls the perfect building material for any structure. Performance Engineering. x 96 in. Thanks for your interest in building with precast in the residential space. Simply screw the panels to the wall in the tongue and all signs of installation are hidden. Ultra Light: Dekko concrete is less than half the weight of regular concrete weighing only 3.5 pounds per square foot. The exterior is available with the same natural colors, textures, and finishes as our architectural panels. The structural wythes are typically 6", 8" or 10" thick with the insulation being 2" to 4" thickness. Since there are no stone aggregates or metal reinforcing within a standard wall panel… ¹Extruded Polystyrene: Values shown are averaged aged values tested at mean 75 deg F per ASTM C578. URBANCONCRETE faux concrete panels are Class A fire rated. However, some people also like to use cement board for exterior walls. Formwork for cast-in-place concrete Precast cladding or curtain walls are the most common use … The common denominator is their lightweight, modular design and ease of installation, finishing and maintenance. URBANCONCRETE faux concrete panels offer you all the look, feel, and style of Engineered to last into the 22nd Century and beyond. Modern, lightweight concrete products meant to be seen, touched and loved High-design, lightweight concrete fire pits and cladding. ²Poly-isocyanurate: Long Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) is the 15 year time-weighted average R-value per ASTM C1289. Fiber Cement Primed Sierra 8 Vertical Panel Siding James Hardie HardiePanel Sierra 8 Cedarmill James Hardie HardiePanel Sierra 8 Cedarmill Vertical Siding is a fiber cement siding designed to mimic the look of real wood siding with less maintenance, better wear and a long life. x 48 in. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. We offer quality concrete-forming panels to help you build a strong, stable concrete foundation. Stonini™ Concrete Effect range. Spancrete wall panel systems are engineered for both structural integrity and architectural beauty. No matter if you're installing onto drywall, wood, or almost any substrate, the panels can be installed You'll be able to upload drawings related to your project. Now that you know all about the panels, the last thing to do is choose your favorite color. Standard building construction requires materials to be delivered to a job site, stored and then placed by skilled laborers from multiple trades. About Stonewood Stonewood Architectural Panels can be used as an exterior ventilated (open joint) panel or as a decorative, durable interior wall covering. What is SLENDERWALL®? Synstone provides architects and façade installers with the best quality fibre concrete cladding where performance is equally as important as aesthetics. Spancrete wall panels can be color mixed and matched, and are available in a wide variety of raked, broomed, sandblast and exposed aggregate finishes. They can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and finishes. with screws. Load-bearing wall units 3. URBANCONCRETE panels come in two styles, with the anchor holes and without. As a result, no foundation or structural modifications are required. Stonewood Exterior Architectural Panels have passed the stringent NFPA 285 Standard Fire Test for Wall Assemblies. Whether you are working on a new construction project or a renovation to an existing facility, Spancrete architectural and structural wall panels are ideal for a wide variety of projects including warehouses, schools, manufacturing plants, retail stores, municipalities, office buildings and recreational facilities. This combination is also completely fire resistant and sound transmission is reduced, allowing intrusive noise to be kept at a minimum. Concreate® wall panels are only 1/8” thick and weigh only 1.3 lbs. mold and then is hand painted to match the authentic look of poured concrete walls. Nichiha architectural wall panels and premium siding are available in an array of textures, colors and finishes. Please provide your email address to learn more about how one builder maximized the benefits offered by precast. For instance, when back-filling treated plywood it eventually rots. Graphic Concrete technology used by Spancrete transfers patterns and colors onto precast slabs, leaving behind a customized piece of art that is 100% concrete, durable and maintenance-free.

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