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Fastenal Part No. Because of this high heat attribute; there are many industrial settings where it is common to use rubber tape … These are solid copper wires, not aluminum. Friction tape … When using electrical tape, it’s important to regularly monitor the condition of the tape, which is an impractical use of your time. 2M Super 35 Electrical Tape. UL Listings exist for many other types of tape – such as foil and film HVAC tapes – but each listing revolves around the specific type of tape in question. Paper treated backings with either single or double coated acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesives provide optimum strength for splicing, flying splice… The backing is what gives it the ability to stretch and conform to cables and wiring. You wouldn’t want to use a duct tape or other cloth tape to insulate wiring! It can also be more difficult to use the tape if it twists or curls when you pull it from the roll. Other tapes, like duct tape, might have fiber backing that cannot stretch and even dries up with extended exposure to electricity, presenting a fire risk. This might not comply with code, but I think it would be safe. Super 33+ has a 7-mil thickness compared to 8.5 mil with Super 88. Splicing any high voltage conductor in an “open” manner or in way that is not specifically rated. rubber mastic tape or rubber splicing tape, and then over-wrapping it with two half-lapped layers of premium vinyl electrical tape. This type of tape typically is used for splicing and terminating wires or cables rated up to 69 kilovolts (KV). Scotch(R) Super 33(TM) Vinyl Electrical Tape, Tesa 51026 Highest Quality Heat Proof Engine Tape, 3M 2228 Scotch Moisture Sealing Electrical Tape, Proxicast Pro-Grade Extra Strong Silicone Tape, 10 Things to Do Now if You Plan to Buy a House Next Year, The 15 Smartest and Smallest DIYs You Can Do for Your Home, 8 Warning Signs of Dangerously Outdated Electrical Wiring, 10 Easy Repairs Never to Pay Someone Else For, 15 DIY Storage Ideas to Help Corral Your Kids' Clutter, 10 (Major) Costs Every Homeowner Needs to Be Prepared For. Splicing definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. When it sticks to itself, the tape forms a permanent bond that can be used for outdoor roofing, cable, or electrical applications to provide a seal that resists dust and corrosion, as well as being completely waterproof. While electrical tape is designed for use on wiring, it should not be used to repair significant electrical damage. UL Listed electrical tapes are also tested for physical properties, including backing strength, elongation, and adhesive strength and must meet a high standard in order to qualify for the listing. Vinyl Electrical Tape 1700P Insulate and repair mining cable jacketing. Daniel joined Shurtape in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. When adding insulation on top of the tape it becomes much hotter, especially during the winter. To properly insulate a wire with electrical tape, the tape must stretch while you are applying it so that when you release the tape it will want to return to its original shape. Scotch Self Bonding Electrical Tape - 23 is a premium, highly conformable, self amalgamating Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR), high voltage insulating tape. The tape is designed for use in splicing … Inc. (36) Learn more ELECTRICAL TAPE ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Shurtape Technologies, LLC (9) Learn more ELECTRICAL TAPE ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Ideal Industries (121 A UL listing and the equivalent Canadian CSA approval are certifications that indicate an electrical tape product has passed specific quality and performance qualifications. Shop electrical tape and a variety of glues & tapes products online at Lowes.com. This roll of tape is 3/4-inch wide and 66 feet long with a black backing suitable for many different applications. Electrical tape insulates electrical wires, preventing shorts and protecting against electrical shock. The final layer of a three-tape splice can be made up of one of two possible tapes. Mastic is the portion of the tape that makes up the spongy center between the backing and the adhesive. For this purpose, you need an electrical tape that is flexible and easy to maneuver so that you can stretch it and tightly wind it around a small wire. This allows the tape to wrap around a wire junction and still grab the insulation to either side. You can also use the tape in high-temperatures since it has an effective temperature maximum of 194 degrees Fahrenheit, and fire resistance to help protect against sparks, overheating, and melting. Tape University™ is a leading online learning resource for all things tape. This inexpensive pack of electrical tape comes in 10 different colors so that you can properly label your wires according to the electrical code. | Privacy Policy | Code of Conduct. The vinyl electrical tape is UL Listed and rated for up to 600V of electrical current. China leading provider of Paper Splicing Tape and Film Splicing Tape, Guangzhou Honghu Adhesive Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is Film Splicing Tape factory. Electrical tape is designed to resist extreme temperatures and has an elastic backing that allows it to tightly adhere to a wire, wrapping it neatly while insulating the electrical current. This type of tape also protects against moisture, though its primary purpose should be as an economical wire and electrical connection insulator. Rope splicing, joining two pieces of rope or cable by weaving the strands of each into the other; Eye splice, a method of creating a permanent loop in the end of multi stranded rope by means of rope splicing; Splice joint, a method of joining two members end to end in woodworking; Tape splice, the joining of audio tape; Film splice, the joining of film stock The vinyl electrical tape is highly flexible, able to stretch to double a piece’s length to ensure a tight seal on your wires. Mastic electrical tape is used regularly by professional electricians because it adheres easily and can be manipulated to fit in tight spaces or around oddly shaped components. Finally, over-wrap the assembly with a minimum of two half-lapped layers of vinyl electrical tape. Inline splice … The testing ensures that the electrical tape has adequate adhesion and resistance to thermal cycles, and verifies that the tape can create an airtight seal. To avoid the risk of electrical fires, you should completely replace damaged wiring. $18.68. This tape is also abrasion resistant and self-fusing, ensuring that your electrical connections remain sealed for years. Especially for power and high voltage cables. Cart with 0 items Cart. Electrical tape is a toolbox essential for professionals and DIYers in the business of handling electrical wires and cables among other automotive components. Electrical tape comes in four different varieties, including rubber, vinyl, mastic, and varnished cambric. Be quick Run even difficult-to-splice substrates at full machine speed! This stretch is a critical characteristic of electrical tapes because it allows the tape to wrap tightly around cables for long-lasting insulation. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. Scotch® Rubber Splicing Tape 23 has greater physical and electrical properties that are unaffected by the degree of stretch. Usually ships within 1 to 2 months. The ST-3 splicing tape is easily … Electrical tape can be used to patch minor nicks in your wiring, provide a source of insulation, and for arts and crafts projects, but it’s not great for marine or woodworking applications. If you need to secure the wiring in your home, choose an electrical tape like the 3M 88-SUPER Electrical Tape, which can last up to 5 years while providing protection against alkali substances, UV rays, moisture, piercing, and abrasions. Using water and a rag, rinse the lubricant off the area and wipe it away, leaving a clean, dry surface. Look it up now! You can find mastic electrical tape with a vinyl backing, a rubber backing, or without a backing, giving you plenty of options if you need versatility on your projects. Next, wrap the splice with four half-lapped layers of rubber or rubber mastic tape. The tape has excellent physical and electrical properties, which provide immediate moisture seals and void-free build-ups. Choose from our selection of splicing tape, including electrical-insulating tape, fastening and sealing tape, and more. Cable, Wire & Splicing; 3M Super 88 Vinyl Electrical Tape. Add To Quote. Next, wrap the splice with four half-lapped layers of rubber or rubber mastic tape. In addition to being built differently than other tapes, most electrical tapes used by professionals are UL Listed, which means that they have been vigorously tested for performance when exposed to environmental elements, such as cold temperature, moisture, and sunlight. When splicing electric lines, it’s important to understand that certain types of rubber tape can only be safely used on wires up to a certain current. Electrical tape comes in many colors, though it is seen most often as a narrow, black roll of tape with smooth rubber, vinyl, varnished cambric, or mastic backing. A Nationwide Leader In Rubber Splicing Tape Distribution. Using the razor blade, cut off enough blue adhesive tape to cover the splice vertically. Electrical tape can be split into monomeric and polymeric based on the material’s molecular makeup. Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape Scotch 130C Electrical Tape is a highly conformable, linerless Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR), high-voltage insulating tape that provides excellent thermal dissipation of splice heat. The 3M 2228 Scotch Moisture Sealing Electrical Tape is 65 mils thick due to the mastic construction and UV-resistant rubber backing. Electrical tape can catch fire, though the temperature must typically exceed at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit. DESCRIPTION: A premium quality Rubber Electrical Splicing Tape. It measures 66 feet long by 3/4-inch wide and it’s rated for use with electrical currents up to 600V. When you are deciding on an electrical tape, you should consider how well the tape can stretch as well as its ability to maintain elasticity. Stretch this tape as you wrap it so you get good conformance to the underlying structure. It provides excellent thermal dissipation of splice heat. EV 077B 7.0 mil, professional grade, UL Listed black electrical tape for insulating and splicing applications. ... Cable insulation, phasing, and splicing … The electrical tape is well-suited to this purpose with a super-high maximum effective temperature of 302 degrees Fahrenheit and high abrasion resistance that can handle the impact of being jostled around inside the engine of your vehicle. Scotch Electrical Tape 13 elongates easily to conform to irregular shapes and retains its conductivity when stretched. Lowe's Home Improvement Wishlist My Lists. The 0.178 mm thick tape has a pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive and has an array of nine colors to use in labeling and electrical … The vinyl electrical tape has a strong mastic sealant that conforms easily to irregular and misshapen connections. The big difference between electrical tape and "regular" adhesive tape is that electrical tape is stretchy. It also meets industry specifications and has excellent physical and electrical properties (which are unaffected by the degree of stretch), which helps provide immediate moisture seal and void-free buildups. Connections. Why we like it: When it comes to electrical tape, it is important that you … Electrical wiring and phasing tasks call for a specific type of tape – electrical tape – in order to safely get the job done. This force increases the grip of the tape and helps to prevent moisture and other contaminants from lifting it away from the wire. Also used for convolute splicing, permanent bonding applications, and waterproofing, our wire harness tapes offer excellent conformability, resistance from twisting or curling, high adhesion, and moisture resistance. Although it does not offer the same level of protection as heat shrink tubing against abrasion, corrosive substances or the elements, electrical … The 3M Super 35 color coding tape is an electrical grade tape that is used for phase identification and to color code motor leads. Use the waterproof and flame-retardant Black Electrical Tape by LYLTECH to patch wiring in the kitchen or bathroom without the risk of moisture leaching through the seal of the tape or sparks igniting a fire.

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