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192+24 sentence examples: 1. GRAMMAR A-Z ; SPELLING ; PUNCTUATION ; WRITING TIPS ; USAGE ; EXPLORE . Among other central thoughts in Comte's explanation of history are these: - The displacement of theological by positive conceptions has been accompanied by a gradual rise of an industrial regime out of the military regime; - the great permanent contribution of Catholicism was the separation which it set up between the temporal and the spiritual powers,; - the progress of the race consists in the increasing preponderance of the distinctively human elements over the animal elements; - the absolute tendency of ordinary social theories will be replaced by an unfailing adherence to the relative point of view, and from this it follows that the social state, regarded as a whole, has been as perfect in each period as the co-existing condition of humanity and its environment would allow. They were all absolutely convinced that these documents showed me receiving $ 10 million from the Saddam regime. In Belgium, where penal administration has received the closest attention for a number of years, the regime of cellular imprisonment has been long carried to its farthest limits, and solitary confinement ranging over ten years and in some cases much more has been strictly enforced. Examples of regime in a Sentence The new regime is sure to fall. Some of his lectures have been published, particularly those concerning Ireland: Histoire du regime agraire de l'Irlande (1883); Considerations sur l'histoire politique de l'Irlande (1885); and Jonathan Swift, son action politique en Irlande (1886). 2. Merriman, of " the inherent rottenness " of the Kruger regime. Examples of regime in in a sentence: 1. Houck, Spanish Regime in Missouri (3 vols., Chicago, 1910); T. As the constituent assembly which amended the constitution, according to the president's wishes in 1905, was to continue in office until 1908 and to provide laws for the regulation of elections and other public affairs, it appeared that the president would permit no expression of popular dissent to interfere with his purpose to establish a dictatorial regime in Colombia similar to the one in Mexico. How to use regime in a sentence. double-faced policy of the Greek regime was one of the main obstacles to the progress of the talks. I have lived under a thousand alias names, under the various regimes of a thousand civilizations, which flourished on ancient soil now covered by the mile-deep waters of foaming oceans. Looking for sentences with "old regime"? 1. lax regulatory regime for additives has emerged. disinherit ones children remains true under the change of regime. 4. Even the independent assessor Mr Hill was in favor of the regime at High Oaks. 1 people chose this as the best definition of regime: A regulated system of die... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. proscription regime by changing their name. Examples of trade regime in a sentence, how to use it. All these circumstances combined to render the new regime weak and unpopular, since there was no force at the ruler's command except foreign troops to put down disorder or to protect those who submitted, while the discontented nobles fomented disaffection and the inbred hatred of strangers in race and religion among the general Afghan population. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 0. - The unity of Portuguese history is hard to perceive in the years which witnessed the rise and fall of the Pombaline regime, the reign of the mad queen Maria, the Peninsular War and the subsequent chaos of revolutionary intrigue. He was considered tainted by association with the corrupt regime. But as soon as this was accomplished the government opened a comprehensive enquiry into the causes of dissatisfaction, which served as the basis of numerous social laws, and led eventually to the establishment of universal suffrage and the substitution in Belgium of a democratic for a middle-class regime. Numerous humanists were appointed to the Chancery, and the Romans were loud in their praise of the papal regime. de Tocqueville, L'Ancien Regime et la Revolution (1856 ff. But the supersession of the law, which was bound up with the regime of sin and death, does not mean the relaxation of the moral bond. Up to 1830 the Liberal party, which favoured a free democratic regime, held the upper hand, but in that year the Conservatives, backed by a military rising led by General Joaquin Prieto, placed themselves in power after a sanguinary battle at Lircay. She was brought up under a simple and austere regime and educated with a view to the French marriage arranged by Maria Theresa, the abbe Vermond being appointed as her tutor in 1769. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. These Napoleonic countships, increased under subsequent reigns, have produced a plentiful crop of titles of little social significance, and have tended to lower the status of the counts deriving from the ancien regime. The Croats hated this new Serb regime. It is a regime of " big players " including banks, securities firms, insurance companies and many large corporates with corporate treasuries. During boot camp, you will undergo a fitness regimen that will challenge you daily. Definition of regime noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. He remained implacably opposed to Stalin's regime. Wool at Chihuahua, some of the inhabitants revolted, and in January 1847 assassinated the governor, Charles Bent, and a number of Americans and Mexicans who had taken office under the new regime. hamstring stretch is an essential aspect of your treatment regime. French Canadian Literature At The Opening Of The Loth Century Might Be Described As Entirely The Work Of Two Generations, And It Was Separated From The Old Regime By Three More Generations Whose Racial Sentiment Only Found Expression In The Traditional Songs And Tales Which Their Forefathers Of The 17Th Century Had Brought Over From The Mere Patrie. Definition of regime. The era of the Temple of Jerusalem starts with a new regime, another captain of the army L EWS [OLD Testament History and another priest. When in 1908 the Turkish Revolution occurred, resulting in the deposition of the Sultan and the victory of Enver Bey's Young Turk party, Kurdistan remained generally loyal to the old regime, and Ibrahim Pasha Milli and Sheikh Said of Sulaimani both declared themselves loyalists. In efficiency and devotion to duty the Egyptian officials under the new regime also earned high praise. The successful operation had devastating consequences to the Somoza regime. The people of Zimbabwe, hapless victims of an increasingly tyrannical regime, deserve no less from us. But the more substantial returns cannot always be expected with the sedentary employments and single-handed effort inseparable from the regime of cellular imprisonment. An insurance carrier shah 's regime early brown just thinks. supreme commander, Xanana Gusmao, recently freed from detention by the Jakarta regime. regime change in Washington would do more good to the world in the long run. That's why I couldn't stand the Roosevelt REGIME in America. 3. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Ancien-regime sentence examples. An even more difficult task was that entrusted to him by the Roman authorities themselves, of persuading the Achaeans to acquiesce in the new regime imposed upon them by their conquerors, and of setting the new machinery in working order. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. . You should always seek prompt medical care for any specific health issue and consult a physician before starting a fitness regime. ), and H. In the administration of the ancien regime the term "prefect" was not employed; practically the only case in which it occurs was in the organization of the establishment of institutions opened by the religious orders, in which there was generally a "prefect of the studies" (prefet des etudes). After the Pioneers the sequence is The Jesuits in North America, La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West, The Old Regime in Canada, Frontenac and New France and Louis XIV., Montcalm and Wolfe, A Half Century of Conflict. chiropractic adjustments prior to commencing any regime. a style of management or rule. Regime theory is a theory within international relations derived from the liberal tradition that argues that international institutions or regimes affect the behavior of states or other international actors. - It was peculiarly unfortunate for AustriaHungary that the Cuvaj regime should have been at its very height when the Balkan League achieved its dramatic victory over the Turks. régime / examples. Times, Sunday Times (2016) As part of a training regime to get back to full fitness he has been trampolining. December's parliamentary elections only accentuated this process, much to the anger of Bush's regime. Edward III tried to assert his independence of the regime at court. 0. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. In April, protests spread, with calls for the Assad regime's fall. 15 examples: Does he accept that the most important hurdle to overcome is the complete… And, perhaps indicative of the Glazer regime, why was there so little movement at Old Trafford? Under the Japanese regime the judiciary and the executive were rigidly separated. How to use régime in a sentence. Under the new regime the colony was so prosperous that Sir James Wright (1716-1785), the last of the royal governors, declared Georgia to be " the most flourishing colony on the continent.". 41 to no. La Marmora was appointed royal commissioner to supervise the transformation to the new regime. Pensions A day tax guidance New An aide memoir to the new pension tax regime from 2006. militarist regime that is violating human rights in an atrocious way. The quote stated " The animal testing regime... is utterly futile. About this time the regime of our government was changing. Please, don't tell me you are accepting the IPR lobby's line that the current regime of IPR protection must remain off-limits. The arsenals of Pola and Cattaro were already in the hands of the insurgents; and the Emperor Charles, in the hope either of winning the favour of the new regime in Zagreb or of throwing an apple of discord between it and the Entente, signed a decree on Oct. - Apart from agrarian riots in Slavonia and Bosnia, the transition to the new regime was accomplished with remarkable ease. This group studies the convection regime within the Earths Mantle in three dimensional spherical geometry at approaching Earth-like vigor. Though the overthrow of the imperial dynasty was totally unexpected throughout, the new regime was accepted without any disturbances. In this resolution the chamber took note of" the replies of the government, according to which the declarations contained in the letter of the 3rd of June do not constitute conditions but ` solemn recommendations,' while ` the convention of cession will have no other object than to effect the transference and define the measures for its accomplishment, and the Belgian legislature will regulate the regime of its colonial possessions in unrestricted liberty.'. 3. As for autonomy and political reforms it has already been remarked that the change from the old regime was only superficial. With almost prophetic accuracy Lenin warned of two great dangers he thought could jeopardize the regime. authoritarian, regime to keep the oil supply flowing. The collapse of this regime was due, not to popular agitation, but to the resentment of Louis at the clerical opposition to the influence of his mistress, Lola Montez. There was an epidemic of violent attacks on the emperor; the publication of the Lanterne and the Baudin trial, conducted by Gambetta, were so many death-blows to the regime. jogging stroller to your exercise regime and you'll be back in top condition in no time! It was also under the Byzantine regime that the condition was imposed that the pope should not be consecrated until the emperor had ratified his election. admissible before the courts as evidence but the model law does not provide the mandatory regime to that extent. Regime change in Washington would do more good to the world in the long run. He was succeeded by his sons, 41-bis prison regime. wracked by violence and looting since the regime lost power. At length the two parties grew weary of this state of revolution, and a regime of conciliation, the fruit of mutual concessions, was established under Clement III. Conclusions We found no evidence that a less frequent pad changing regime has an effect on skin erythema, or on sleep. After Marozia and Alberic and the rest another branch of the same family, the Crescentii, exercised the temporal powers of the Holy See; and after them the same regime was continued by the counts of Tusculum, who were sprung from the same stock, which sometimes provided the Roman Church with the most unlikely and least honourable pontiffs. A regime of bourgeois Bonapartism in Russia or Poland would not be a stable regime. Before his death, Pol Pot conceded that his regime certainly killed people, but ''to say that millions died is too much.''. In these districts there were cadastres, or compoixterriers (land registers), which allowed of a non-arbitrary assessment; and at the end of the ancien regime merely needed revision. Your opposition to the regime of Mugabe is the ultimate riposte to his fraudulent nonsense about fighting colonialism. He was brought up under the regime of common-sense. The result was the loss of any possible negotiating leverage in ensuring that a follow-on regime would have any teeth. Education, in those parts of Latvia where it was standardized by the Protestant Church and Baltic regime, remained on a higher level than in Latgalia with only 38% able to read. 1. Mao remained the figurehead of what was still a relatively popular regime. This had not 'been required under the old Latin emperors nor under the Gothic kings, and it disappeared of its own accord with the Byzantine regime. In order to mollify the Vatican he conceded the exequatur to forty-five bishops inimical to the Italian regime. (2) Patients maintain a strict dietary regimen. Formerly, writers accounted for the Lutheran movement by so magnifying the horrors of the pre-existing regime ity of the that it appeared intolerable, and its abolition consequently inevitable. Compared with the results of English or Dutch colonization the conversion and civilization of the Filipinos is a most remarkable achievement s Notwithstanding the undeniable vices, follies and absurd illiberalities of the Spanish colonial regime, the Philippines were the only group in the East Indies that improved in civilization in the three centuries following their discovery. He was brought up under the regime of common-sense. Stourm, Les Finances de l'Ancien Regime et de la Revolution (2 vols., Paris, 1885). Here also are the Coronel Collection, given in 1901 by Dona Mariana, the widow of Don Antonio Coronel, and containing relics of the Spanish and Mexican regime in California; and the Palmer Collection of Indian antiquities. Translations of the phrase LAND REGIME from english to french and examples of the use of "LAND REGIME" in a sentence with their translations: ...strongly recommended reviewing the current land regime . With the exception of a number of forms in which the whole development takes place within the egg or in the body of the mother, batrachians undergo metamorphoses, the young passing through a free-swimming, gill-breathing period of considerable duration, during which their appearance, structure, and often their regime, are essentially different from those of the mature form. Bourquelet, "Sens des mots France et Neustrie sous le regime merovingien," in the Bibliotheque de t'ecole des chartes, xxvi. As a free-thinking republican, his prejudices often biassed his judgment on the political and religious history of the ancien regime. A new set of proposals for modifying the sanctions regime was launched by the UK, with US backing, in May 2001. In Iran, the fundamentalist cleric Ayatollah Khomeini set out to restore a regime that had last existed almost 1,300 years ago. During the regime of Sir John Young, afterwards Lord Lisgar, who succeeded Sir William Denison in 1861, several important events occurred. Henceforward he lived in retirement until, during the Revolution, he was involved in the charges against the financiers of the old regime. 30. (408-450) the patriarchate was finally abolished after a regime of three centuries and a half (Graetz, History of the Jews, Eng. paramilitary death squads of the fascist regime in El Salvador. In 1478 the marquisate of Oristano was suppressed, and henceforth the island was governed by Spanish viceroys with the feudal regime of the great nobles under them, the Cortes being convoked once every ten years. Social media wasn't just used to organize dates and times for people to meet to protest the Mubarek regime. To these regions the Napoleonic regime had given a certain measure of unity; but Metternich, dominant after 1815, held Italy to be merely a geographical term. renunciation of nuclear weapons would shatter the non-proliferation regime. With true philosophic insight he shows that France failed in the struggle not because of any inferiority in the ability and character of the men to whom the work was entrusted, but chiefly by reason of her despotic and protective regime. The regimen at the schools was brutal. But Abd-ul-Hamid had issued a free pardon to the mutineers, and the committee had now decided that the new regime would never be secure while the sovereign favoured reaction. Jesuitism and corporalism, this is the sum total of the regime. My doctor has put me on a special fitness regime to help me get back to good health. Thus appeared in the educated classes two extreme groups: on the one hand, the discontented Conservatives, who recommended a return to a more severe disciplinarian regime; and on the other, the discontented Radicals, who would have been satisfied with nothing less than the adoption of a throughgoing socialistic programme. Austrian Majesty for the internal regime of his Italian provinces. There are prisons for females at Heilbronn, and for males at Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart; in Wurttemberg itself the regime is collective. criticizestion is about criticizing a regime, not criticizing people. 2. A detox is a regime designed to reduce the toxin levels in our bodies. These additional securities will also be eligible as sterling stock liquidity under the FSA sterling stock liquidity under the FSA sterling stock liquidity regime. But, while the Tsarist regime, unable to denationalize a homogeneous population of a different religion and language, initially conceded a minimum of rights to the Polish nation, in Lithuania proper from the outset an unrelenting system of tyranny was established which was designed to break by force every non-Russian element in the country. Under the regime of General Cavaignac he was for a time minister of war. Regimen should not be confused with regiment, which is a noun that refers to a military unit. In this manner the movement in favour of ending the baneful regime of Leopold II. It is very unusual to overdose patients using this regime, but intravenous naloxone should be available. Regimes sentence examples.

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