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When it comes to frequency response, the first appliance has a range of 20 Hz - 35 kHz, whilst the second one works in a range between 15 Hz and 35 kHz. This leads to some confusion, as there are different models in each generation. A BIG Thank You to my friend who made these for me, greatly appreciate. Fostex T50RP Mods Compendium. Fostex T50RP-Mk3 Headphone. I definitely prefer the weight without the clay, but I am getting used to it. Covering these with tape noticeably increases bass response. Awesome kit to improve the sound of your T50RPs, While the Youtube video is easy to follow, the only thing I wish they included in the mod kit is a size diagram for the cut out felt pieces. Thank You for making this kit Mayflower it has helped out a lot! This progressed into the Alpha Dog ($600), which gained prestige by using the world’s first 3D printed cups. This kit is amazing. This is a unique planar magnetic (also known as orthodynamic) driver which Fostex claims has been redesigned to “achieve sharper audio reproduction for more accurate monitoring”. Removing four easily accessible Philips screws is all that is needed to liberate the driver baffle from the back of the cup. Fostex T50RP Mk3 Headphone - V1 Mod by Mayflower Electronics. “…the addition of the Dekoni Hybrid Ear Pads and other proprietary changes makes this headphone a better version of the original by being less fatiguing and smoother all around with an extended bass response.” –. These screws control the motion of the slider bars and the cups. The jack is a custom 3.5mm TRS socket with a locking slot that is acknowledged to have widespread issues including causing channel imbalances, static and audio dropouts. As expected, it is a successor … The tape is undetectable once ear pads are installed. Clamping force should just be as easy as bending the band along the length to approximate a smaller circle. I'm no longer hearing the speaker housing vibrate during strong bass sequences, which is very nice. A DIY leather comfort strap was the obvious (and easy) starting place for my own modifications of a stock T50RP mk3. It is beneficial to explain my preferences before you take any advice from my personal experiences. Unlike many of the other companies in this list, MrSpeakers has moved beyond a tiny one-man-show modding the Fostex RP series, to an industry recognized producer of high-end electrostatic headphones. Their new Ether 2 is the world’s lightest planar magnetic, over-ear headphones. The comfort … However the bass kills the fun on long term listening… It'll lift it and it opens it out. This was a monster article to put together, simply because there is SO MUCH information out there about these awesome headphones. Extremely flat with amazing clarity.” –. Note, I use the Alpha Dog pads almost exclusively with the Alpha Dog headphones as intended. Below some plots of the exact same driver (Fostex T50RP) with different pads as only variable. In addition, we will look at (and inside) some of the popular enthusiast and commercial modifications available to see what they all have in common. Review: Fostex T50RP MK3 Fostex T50RP MK3 bei The Blackwood is available with Manchurian Ash or Blackwood cups with choice of paint color on headband slider and cable connector type. This includes: 2. Fully increased clarity of highs with flat response characteristics. All share the majority of the same components with the same band, “Offering… different sound characteristics; Open (T20 RP mk3) for “Deep Bass”, Closed (T40 RP mk3) for “Focused Bass” and Semi-Open (T50 RP mk3) for “Flat and Clear” sound.” –. One of the main things that MrSpeakers offered was reputable quality control and repeatability often missing from the DIY community. Stock pads do not do this kit justice. I'm very happy with these cans now....very lively! Level 3 included a glossy black or white paint scheme, storage bag and mini-XLR cable and sockets. I think I might just be missing something but I did everything as per video. Originally, the Paradox was available at three price points and modification levels. Mine's currently plugged up on the baffle and soon to be having some stuffing put in and then adjustments once it's been looked at for FR on Fran's rig. This is likely why there are so many different recommendations floating around. This new pad fits both the T50RP … It was fun to mess around with them but not sure if it was worth the money to ship to Canada. Headphones were unalienable without heavy eq with treble reduction and bass boost. Fostex T50RP | Full Specifications: Sound Output: Stereo, Impedance: 50, Sensitivity: 98, Acoustic design: Half opened, Headset Fostex T50RP MK3 | selbst ohne Mod schon klasse. On a side note, the 1540 pads are infinitely comfortable. The MrSpeakers Comfort Strap is the basic epitome of this modification. Earpads are where the rubber meets the road as far as modifications go. Thank you for the kind words. Another popular pad swap is for the Shure 1540 pads but I do not have any. But I do have a deep appreciation for music, founded at a young age, and curated over the years. When you select replacement pads, you must balance comfort (size, breathability, thickness, and firmness) with the corresponding changes in sound that is created by each of those factors. I also wasted time with trying to find local materials and trying step mods I had seen on the internet. It was lots of work, but it was a really interesting and fun task. They even have an instruction video. Our Fostex modification kit gives you the necessary materials to perform most modifications to your set of headphones. My set was originally a stock T50 mk3 that I purchased around a year ago. They describe the Version 1 as: Mod House Audio was founded by Ryan Dietz. ... (more sub, less mid) bass. So if your personal tastes or modding goals differ from my own, then please just take this article as a discussion of what is possible. In 2011, his Smeggy’s blog chronicled his experimentation with engraving, sanding, and finishes. MrSpeakers located in San Diego California, was founded in 2012 by Dan Clark, an electrical engineer. I replaced mine with Brainwavz Replacement Angled Memory Foam Earpad - Black - Suitable For Large Over The Ear Headphones - AKG, HifiMan, ATH, Philips, Fostex and I gotta say I really recommend them, fit well, and give the headphones a drastically better sounding bass and treble. Whether improving comfort, fixing flaws or tuning for a certain sound, there are plenty of options available. This mod of the T50RP MK3 has certainly proven its worth. In addition to the unique, and beautifully finished red cups (featuring 3D printed, double walled lattice) the Alphas were bundled with a metal stand, unbalanced Canare Quad Star cables with hirose cup connections (optional XLR were available), leather comfort strap, velvet bag and cleaning cloth kit. Also included is a Cascadia branded hard case for transportation, storage and display. III - Version 3 (Bass Model) - Mayflower Electronicsicon-full-p. 0. more_vert. Support this channel! Why is the Fostex T50RP so popular among headphone modders? The vertical scale is 5dB/div, no smoothing applied. They are not remarkably fast, however, sound detailed. A very promising start to the commercial Fostex RP modding scene that didn’t quite pan out. In general, smoother finishes, like leather and protein (synthetic leather) tend to increase bass quantity, although perhaps at the expense of quality (loose vs tight bass). I've been actually pretty interested lately in Fostex t50rp potential. I then modded the input to a 4pin Mini XLR so I could run them in balanced mode. Why Do I Hear Static in my Headphones: Quick Fixes for Different Devices,, Review: BLON BL-03 – My First IEM Experience, Review: TFZ Live 3 – They Definitely Make Music Come Alive, Review: Shuoer H27 – Good Enough Is Not Enough, Mic Monitoring: What Is It and How It Is Relevant to Gaming. Build quality and comfort are quite good though. Enigmatic Audio started by modding customer-supplied headphones, and quickly garnered online praise as being the best sounding T50RP available. They show them in the beginning of the video, but as to what size exactly and what shape to cut the pieces, is up to you to figure out through trial and error. Hi, Great for gaming, general purpose audio listening and studio mixing.”, “…bass heavy sounding model with a “V” shaped, “tuned to provide a balanced sound with tastefully elevated bass with the oval pads mounted in baffle lip, if you would like to add a little bass feel free to mount the pads around the outside of the cups similar to Mk2 style mods.”. The Version 1 adds internal changes to mass loading and baffle alterations and includes Shure 1540 ear pads. Everything in this mod kit is reversible but once you install it you won't want to change back guaranteed. I have been on headfi looking around for the instructions but they are very lackluster. metal571. Loading... Unsubscribe from metal571? The changes vary from mild to wild, with anything from home-made comfort straps, to 3D printed and custom wood replacement cups. Just wondering if you know of any mods that address the issue I’m having? Dan started out humbly, creating the Mad Dog which was a fairly standard modified T50RP mk2. Using a metal ruler and a fresh X-Acto blade, it is easy to get a very clean edge on the leather. I like the build and fit of the dekoni blue, even purchased a lether headbandstrap for much needed comfort. Crystal clean, clear, yet retaining the typical smoothness of Fostex orthodynamic drivers, all the instruments well arranged without the slightest hints of confusion in the soundstage. After much experimentation, I ended up covering all the front vents with tape and using the Mayflower Baffle Upgrade. Mod House Audio offers an upgraded (and almost twice as expensive – $25 vs $15) Suspension Strap out of hand-stitched deerskin suede or Alcantara. Fostex T50RP Modification: A Summary of Methods, Materials, and Their Possible Effects (Out Dated - No Longer Supported --> Go to: BMF's Fostex T50RP Incremental Mods and … Get your monthly roundup of our best articles right straight to your inbox. There are a huge number of options out there as many pads from other manufacturers will fit the RP series. This yielded reasonable amounts of clean, and not overwhelming, low end. InnerFidelity has graphs for the Fostex T50RP both stock and modded. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. The Fostex T50RP, with its potential to sound truly fantastic with simple modifications, has exploded in popularity in recent years. It all started with the Mk2 iteration which employed Fostex’s … The current Fostex RP mk3 headphone series was released in 2015 as a successor to the popular mk2 series. When modded right, the T50RP's can give my Audeze LCD-XC's a run for their money on bass slam. In addition to the handy Mod Kit and Baffle Upgrade offered by Mayflower Electronics, they also offer two models of modified T50RP mk3 headphones for sale: the Version 1 (starting at $265) and the Version 3 Bass Model (starting at $255). Many report that opening the vents fully (to increase bass) and then using cotton to dampen reflections gives the most low end performance. Even the eversofamous Mad Dogs by MrSpeakers mod … The more similar T50RP however, first introduced in 2002, bears a strong family resemblance. It does suffer slightly from using the original enclosure which has thin plastic walls, but the resonances are minimalized and it still keeps an amount of decay that keeps things natural… Also, when you listen to a stock t50 next to a Classic, it’s pretty cool, because you can tell they are two completely different things.” –, On a recent trip to visit a music-loving friend, I brought along a variety of headphones and, Digital Headphone Magazine For Audiophiles. Brian Marsh added Mod list! It comes with 2 cables. So I got this kit to see what else I could do to the sound. In general, I found that the addition of cotton improved clarity and generally flattened out the sound (reduced the mid-bass hump present on the stock version). Fostex T50RP Mk3 planar mods. This can also be removed, or another material (a single ply of toilet tissue, cotton, or foam for example) can be added underneath the pad over the driver to attenuate high frequencies. Comfort The oval cups fit around all of the ear without involving your jaw or cheek bones, and the thick, deep, soft, plush pads conform to the shape of your head in a way that tells your brain, "Hey, it's time to do some serious listening." @, You are welcome! The Fostex T50RP mk3 is an improved version of the T50RP (mk2). In the end though, it all comes down to one thing. The highs that are provided by Fostex T50RP MK3 are super accurate, and clear. The amount of loose cotton is one place you can play around with how damping material affects the sound. 5; options; 235; votes; Argon Mk3 — Mod House Audio. I sent pictures with no response. Give the official MrSpeakers video a watch for some ideas on tuning the higher frequencies: There is some debate around whether the raised flat surface centered directly behind the driver should be covered with foam or cotton, as the theory is that it reflects certain frequencies directly back through the driver to the ear. Regardless of model, all current Fostex RP models share the identical. I played around with adding different materials and adhesive felt to the front of the driver surface (and in different positions). I got a pair for $115 shipped and it is a SMOKING PAIR OF CANS. … Vind fantastische aanbiedingen voor fostex t50rp. Thanks! Intended as professional studio headphones, the RP series were designed for reliability and accurate studio monitoring rather than home or portable use. I emailed mayflower and they said I installed the mod wrong and to send pictures. I’d suggest trying some stick-on foam or felt dots (lots of options in the furniture feet aisle) like the MrSpeakers Doggie Treats in the article. ... First up is the an unmodded Fostex T50RP mk3 with MrSpeakers Alpha pads. Dekoni Audio Blue – Official Fostex T50RP Mod It wouldn’t be a lie to say that the Fostex T50RP are the most well known planar magnetic headphones on the planet and probably account for most enthusiasts first foray into this driver technology. They change the distance, shape and volume of the space between the driver and the ear. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In general, the modifications largely fall under three broad categories (with some overlap): The number one durability issue with the RP mk3 series is the cable and headphone socket. Another point worth noting is the big distinction in the impedance since HIFIMAN's device has 35 Ohm, while Fostex T50RP MK3 has 50 Ohm. Plenty of supplies to get the sound your looking for from the T50RP. Fostex T50RP Headphone - Modification / Mod Kit Mk2 and Mk3 models. The stock cables are thick, unwieldy and oddly fragile. There are very few things that are more grating than a pair of subpar headphones. Well-built. Check out how small changes can dramatically alter the sound of this orthodynamic headphones. While excess treble was tamed, I discovered that adding anything to this area made the overall sound too muffled for my tastes. What’s most remarkable about the Blue is the overwhelmingly positive critical response to this minimal modification. I do some pad rolling from the 2 stock earpads, hybrid pads, velour, and at times thick cowhide for soundstage. Yes, if done right you will have an awesome sounding pair of headphones. Not only are they a must for comfort, ear pads also play a major role in sound quality. Only the T60RP is listed as consumer equipment. Have a great day ! However i tend to go back to the fenestrated hybrid leather with velour on top. Since they are threaded into plastic, it is easy to strip the screw holes unless care is taken when tightening. It all started with the Mk2 iteration which employed Fostex’s proprietary ‘regular phase’ drivers and in stock form were considered just okay. Black electrical tape is all but invisible on the outside of the black cup. We will explore some of the standard recommended modifications and take a look at my journey in tuning a stock Fostex T50RP mk3. Free shipping. Don't waste your this mod kit and get your T50RP's sounding right. So I've been looking for a headphone to succeed my ath-m50s for a little while now. This upgrade does two very important things to the stock sound. Share Followers 0. Believe it or not, the sub $9 AliExpress angled wonders have seen the most use. Early verdicts are is that this mod kit really accentuates the high end, but it also widens the sound stage, drops a bit of base for better clarity and in general brings out the fine details. I guess, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. But boot lovers into Lucchese would think of a particular leather finish instead. Fostex Headphones T50RP Mod. Input your search keywords and press Enter. The treble is very detailed and transparent, it picks up all the little nuances. I thought that the Thunderpants was so ahead beyond the other modded Fostexes and I was sad to hear that you can no longer buy them…” –, “The ZMF sound is known as a synergy between analytical and musical, with an uncanny ability to present detail without losing organic enjoyable attributes.” –, “…this might be the only stock t50 mod I’ve made that has “just” the right amount of damping. A real geek might add Denon as in, Fostex OEM'd their headphones. Shipping and handling. $3.95 shipping. It is this time tested, tried-and-true driver that makes the Fostex RP series so interesting. By Hal Saunders, July 28, 2018 in Portable Audio, Headphones and Desktop Audio. If it's Mad Dog, you should be thinking rabies. My own T50RP mk3 has turned out just how I wanted it to sound. The primary difference in the mk3 series is in how they sound. A review of my custom made Fostex T50rp MkIII mod based off the MrSpeakers Alpha. ... T40RPmk2 and T50RP. This means it is prone to internal reflections and vibrations. The comfort is somewhat better and I like the orange accents. Since I have a plethora of open back headphones, I was looking to create something more v-shaped and fun (rather than accurate) to listen to.

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