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During her Holy Ray phase, she fires two Holy Rays instead of one, which leaves a small gap in between as they converge inward towards each other. The main Guardian is faster, and it deals much more damage after the other two have been killed. Becomes invulnerable while transitioning between phases. Defeating Providence this way will make her drop the Profaned Soul Crystal, an extremely powerful post-Supreme Calamitas … Movement speed during Phase 1 is increased. Teleports more frequently and takes less time to teleport. Changes its jump pattern below half health. This page was last edited on 4 December 2020, at 17:18. Spawns Bees faster and also sometimes spawns Large Bees. Close. During sub-phase 2 it does 3 normal dashes and then 2-4 rapid chain dashes. Hook and projectiles spread decrease as health decreases. Jumps higher and moves faster depending on how high the player is. Spazmatism breathes Shadowflame Breath instead of Cursed Flames in phase 2, which inflicts the Shadowflame debuff, and has 16% more damage than the Cursed Flames. Lightning inflicts the Electrified debuff. If below half health or enraged, the attack is replaced by a ring of 12 invincible Dark Energy projectiles. Laser bursts are capped at 3 shots, lasers deal more damage. It is further succeeded in difficulty by Death Mode. In previous versions of the Calamity Mod, the Vehemence used to drop from the. Contact damage increased by 25% and Cursed Flames damage increased by 25%. Can spawn more Plague Chargers at once. If enraged during the night, she gains a massive defense boost. HP increased to 313,500. Retinazer's lasers are more accurate in phase 1. The Head gains 8 defense per arm alive. While it takes an enormous amount of mana to fire and lacks any homing abilities (making it high-risk-high … -After Supreme Calamitas' defeat it will also drop the 'Romance Option', a joke item. そして弾 … I have fought calamitas in expert mode on this mage run about 40 times and have been unable to get past her 8 percent heart stage. The Hive will not ram if a Perforator is alive, but will gain slightly increased acceleration. Greatly increased defense in Phase 2, Body HP increased to 47,250. Charges more often in phase 1. Supreme Calamitas is invulnerable to damage until the brothers and Soul Seekers are dead. (When deactivated), Revengeance Mode is a replacement for previous difficulty modes added by the Calamity Mod, which were known as. HP increased to 2,720. Charges more quickly and more randomly in phase 2. Fires brimstone lasers quicker. Demonshade Armour (obtainable after defeating Supreme Calamitas. Providence continuously increases in speed when flying in the same direction, up to a maximum of roughly double speed, but will go back to normal speed when they change direction. Yharex's Letter is a pet summoning item dropped by Astral Slimes and Supreme Calamitas, or can be crafted. So, I'm farming Supreme Calamitas for all her drops (I do NOT want to craft them, I want to get them all from the boss). Life regen scales from 50% effectiveness at full HP to 100% effectiveness at 1 HP. Moves much faster in phase 2 and takes less time to teleport, but can no longer summon enemies when reeling back. When below 25% health, it gains the ability to divebomb the player. Despite being a boss, Supreme Calamitas will not drop a [ ], or a [ Bag|Treasure Bag] in Expert Mode. Supreme CalamitasのHPは8,800,000. The Vehemence is a post-Moon Lord wand dropped by Supreme Calamitas in Revengeance Mode. Deals 15% more contact damage during Phase 2. Many vanilla enemies are made immune to certain forms of, "Revengeance is active." まず、Revengeanceモードでは10回被弾すると死にます(Deathモードでは5回) なんとこの仕様もいつの間にかなくなってました 相変わらず痛いので注意. Speed while spinning is increased, also increases as it loses more health. Moves faster and fires Cursed Flames and Vile Spits far more often the less segments that are alive. Enrages while on the Surface, shoots stingers rapidly and charges much faster. Ancient Doom projectiles and Shadow Fireballs now inflict the Shadowflame debuff for 2 seconds. Fires more projectiles. This was done in order to prevent those who had obtained it before the update to suddenly have an overpowered item early. In later phases she will summon her brothers to assist her. Fires seeds that deals 25% more damage and are significantly faster in phase 1. Charges rapidly towards the player if they move too far away, afterwards firing a barrage of lasers for 6 seconds from both eyes that can pass through tiles, aim ahead of the player, and start off slow before accelerating. 1 year ago. Fists can go through walls. If the SOUL is fractured, Calamitas will die, but if Calamitas … Enters Phase 2 at 75% health and Phase 3 at 25% health. Hands HP increased to 45,000 each (90,000 both), Head HP increased to 81,000, Core HP increased to 142,500. Drill missiles track the player more accurately and much faster. Anahita HP increased to 66,560, Leviathan HP increased to 145,120 (211,680 total). Revengeance Mode was a permanent change upon using the Revengeance item. Cryogen transitions at 93%, 76%, 59%, 42%, and 25% for its respective phases. In Phase 1, spawns the Cosmic Guardian after reaching 75% life and two more after reaching 20% life. The Brain moves faster and teleports more often as its creepers die in phase 1, and has increased resistance to knockback in phase 2. Enters phase 2 at 75% total life. Jumps and moves faster. Size of Cthulhunado and its Sharkrons increased. Enters phase 3 at 25% health, or if Spazmatism is defeated first. In the new phase, Cryogen launches itself upwards and stays above the player. Spawns 3 Sharknadoes in phase 1, in a different pattern. She slows to a stop upon firing the first ray. Head does not perform the spin attack while any limbs are alive. Homing skulls inflict Weak. The armor in particular crosses this with SoulPower, as it augments the equipment with the spiritual power from Polterghast's Ruinous Souls.²* BonusBoss: ²** Yharon is the official final boss, but Supreme Calamitas … After Moon Lord has been defeated, its health and projectile damage become buffed. Calamitas also has a huge ego and can never turn down a challenge, although her common sense will usually prevent this. Creepers' HP increased to 240. Laser damage increased by 16%. Phantasmal Eyes home on the player for a while and don't travel downwards all the time. The Phantasmal Deathray now goes through tiles whenever a player hides behind them in the second phase, and sweeps faster in the first phase. Uses all attacks regardless of health; it only shoots one wave of astral flame crystals above 50% health. Piercing attacks despawn after damaging the Destroyer a certain amount of times, limiting their effectiveness. Depending on intensity, this can cause opponents to take significantly longer to kill. It … Defeating Calamitas … If Spazmatism is defeated first, its rapid fire laser attack becomes much faster. In the mod's source files, the Vehemence is referred to as "Vehemenc". Phantasmal Sphere attacks are slightly more spread out and initially move slowly, accelerating over time. In Phase 2, the Core will occasionally teleport near the player and circle them while firing abyss orbs towards them. Shoots far more stingers at a time but no longer shoots them in a cone of spread while stationary, instead traveling linearly towards the player and shooting directly at them. Performs one of three attacks as it teleports, gaining more attacks as its health gets lower: fades in while rapidly circling the player and then lunges at high speed; below 66% health, appears below the player and flies in a semicircle, spawning several enemies as it moves - The Hive Mind can summon Dark Hearts among these enemies; below 33% health, appears above the player and then dashes horizontally, creating many short-lived shade clouds in its wake. Laser fire rate is reduced as health drops. Head HP increased to 6,600. Ocean Crest - Expert item from Desert Scourge. Supreme Calamitas Revengeance Drop! Less aggressive when in the Underground Corruption. In phase 3 it only performs rapid fire laser attacks and it gains the ability to perform a long dash. EDIT: Never … u/hunnabubba211. The same attack is never performed twice in a row. When at low health in phase 2, it periodically flies quickly in a large loop before dashing straight towards the player, and sometimes firing Blood Geyser projectiles upward in a spread, which inflict the Burning Blood debuff. If gravity is reversed, both twins immediately transform into their second phases. Now enrages when leaving the Corruption instead of fleeing, causing it to continuously fly towards the player. Episode 50 of my Terraria Calamity Playthrough! Spawns a bunch of Sharkrons as well as bubbles when spinning in Phase 2. HP increased to 96,600 and gains a 3rd Phase when under 25% health. ** Vehemence, dropped by [[spoiler:Supreme Calamitas]] in Revengeance Mode, is very powerful. Lasers move slowly when initially shot then accelerate. Any projectile that tracks the player can make sharper turns, and are faster. The Aquatic Scourge moves faster and vomited sand blasts and teeth travel at a greater velocity. Occasionally summons a horizontal line of evenly-spaced mushrooms above itself that fall downwards. Yharon is the official final boss, but Supreme Calamitas is the last and strongest boss in the mod. Supreme Calamitas will behave similarly to Calamitas, but with a new, extensive set of far more powerful attacks. Calamitas' SOUL is her most vulnerable spot, kept in a container in the middle of her chest. The names of vanilla bosses are italicized. Transitions to phase 2 at 70% health and phase 3 at 40% health. Jumps and moves faster. When below 50% health, she gains the ability to fire a laser from her eye during Phase 1. The transition to Revengeance Mode is reversible by using the Revengeance item again. Servants of Cthulhu no longer drop hearts. The ray doesn't aim at where the player is, rather where they will be by the time the ray fires. Time window to defeat the illusions decreases as the Cultist's health decreases. It is now togglable. The Brain has a small amount of pierce resistance. When all arms are killed or if the head is below 66% health, all limbs are instantly destroyed, and the head itself is able to fire circles of laser while spinning. The Destroyer gains increased aggression the lower its health, eventually being able to charge similarly to a Wyvern below 50% health. ... Bought from the Oracle post-Calamitas. Leaving it will cause Supreme Calamitas to enrage, speeding up her Brimstone Hellblasts significantly and giving her 99% damage reduction. This will repeat two times throughout the duration of Phase 1. Massively increased speed and moves more aggressively. She always remains either directly above or to the side of the player, only breaking position during bullet hell phases or during her devastating dash attacks.Upon spawning, Supreme Calamitas will create a large rectangular arena made of unbreakable tiles. Contact damage increased by 25%. 1. Moves much faster at 10%, and spawns Happy Phantom Spirits at 33% health. Attempting to activate it in a Normal Mode world has no effect, and using the item during a boss battle will do nothing, with the message "You cannot change the rules right now." The body fires bursts of lasers in phase 2. The items will drop normally as if the player was playing in Normal Mode. 6:40. Retinazer's dash will release several homing missiles that inflict 124 damage. Additionally, if the hit enemy is at full HP, it will inflict the following debuffs for 200 seconds (3 minutes and 20 seconds): Calamity Mod Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. I just beat supreme calamitas on revengeance then find this moments later. Spawns with two smaller Desert Scourges, but defeating the main worm will count as a boss defeat and give drops. Crab Shrooms drift quicker and fall faster. After defeating an eye, its attacks will spawn less projectiles that move slower. Hooks no longer spawn tentacles. Storm Weaver and the Stasis Probes are faster. I've fought her at least 80 times so far and have all her drops but one: … During sub-phase 3 it does 5 rapid chain dashes. Spawns additional Plaguebringers regardless of phase if enraged. The Vehemence is a post- Moon Lord wand dropped by Supreme Calamitas in Revengeance Mode. If Retinazer is defeated first, the flamethrower attack no longer occurs, and Spazmatism performs five charges, with the last one traveling farther than the others. Absolute easiest way to beat supreme Calamitas on revengeance? When below 85% health, it can additionally fire green lasers which inflict Cursed Inferno for 2 seconds. At 50% health more Dark Energies are spawned however they are invincible and rotate around the point they were spawned. The Eye of Extinction is reusable, so Supreme Calamitas may be summoned any number of times. Fires seeds, moves faster to catch up to the player and belches lingering spore clouds that linger and spread out over time when all tentacles are dead. If you're up to the challenge, Dormant Brimseeker dropped by Brimstone Elemental is great but don't trust the wiki since it always takes like 8 tries for her to finally drop it. Extra Info:-While this boss can actually be fought right at the beginning of Hardmode it is very strongly … It was changed to "Vehemenc" when it was moved to drop from Supreme Calamitas, causing previous instances of "Vehemence" items to become invalid and unusable. The Probes no longer drop hearts. Moves more aggressively. The ice bombs are no longer fired out every 10 seconds, but 2 waves are released during this attack, then it rapidly charges the player for a total of 3 times before repeating this pattern. Death Mode Death Mode can be activated if the current world has Revengeance Mode active. True Eyes of Cthulhu no longer use their deathray attack. If enraged during the day, she will regain health over time. Lightning inflicts the Electrified debuff. In Revengeance Mode Massively increased speed and moves far more aggressively. Posted by 2 years ago. Dark Energy swarms are increased in numbers and are more aggressive. Shoots Thorn Balls during Phase 3, only 3 can exist at one time. Dropped by rarely by Astral Slimes or Supreme Calamitas … Being close to Signus will cause the screen to get darker. Increases attack frequency as health lowers. 1 month ago. The Prime Laser and Prime Cannon alternate attacks. Signus is faster and shoots projectiles more often. In Death Mode, the box size is reduced to 127x127 (inner available area is 125x125). Total HP increased to 82,800(248,400 post-Providence). Ancient Dooms ability to fire darkness balls is buffed. Before any boss is defeated, players will take 20% less damage. With commentary / reactions. Respawns both hands at 33% of Head HP. The freed head cannot inflict contact damage. Speed of the Destroyer and the lasers fired increase as health drops. The Prime Laser no longer shoots in a cone of spread; it alternates between firing single lasers and laser circles. A maximum of 2 can exist at once. I n Death Mode The arena created by Supreme Calamitas … HP increased to 195,200 (704,000 post-Moon Lord). The Healer Guardian is more effective. Phantoms shoot more often. Now enrages when leaving the Crimson instead of fleeing, causing Creepers and the Brain in the 2nd phase to move much faster. In addition to the three mini bosses of the Abyss floor, the Mauler in the Sulphurous Seas above the Abyss will begin to drop a powerful ranged weapon once Polterghast is defeated. After opening up your starter bag, you will get an item called Death, which can toggle Death Mode on and off in a Revengeance … It fires a calamitous energy spike, which deals more damage depending on how much HP an enemy has left, to a maximum of 1,000,000 damage. (When activated), "Revengeance is not active." Summons tentacles at 75%, 50%, and 20% life. Conjures an invincible Crown Jewel under 50% life to follow players and fire Ruby Bolts, Ruby Bolt damage is 55% of King Slime contact damage. Several Revengeance Mode features were present in previous versions of the mod that have since been removed or changed: Soft caps on damage and crit chance were present, both of which have been removed, and a DR soft cap, which has been made global to. Significantly faster charges. The body gains a defense bonus which increases as its health gets lower, up to a maximum of 10. Slowly gains more speed while spinning. She switches between these attacks at seemingly irregular intervals. Calamitas does not spawn on her own and requires the player to summon her with the Eye of Desolation during the Night. Is faster, able to perform diagonal dashes below 80% health, missiles travel faster and spawns more projectiles. While the Moon Lord's Core is revealed, the player takes 10% more damage from all sources. https://calamitymod.gamepedia.com/Vehemence?oldid=132596, Last edited on 11 November 2020, at 21:29, Despite Supreme Calamitas possessing a damage limitation as well, the Vehemence does not deal enough damage to activate it, therefore it, This weapon is highly effective during the, Vehemence's base damage formula is as follows: 7, Against an enemy with full HP, this formula comes out to 7. HP increased to 65,600 (524,800 post-Providence). Crab Shroom walls are slightly tilted below half health. Head has 25% more contact damage. But it does get easier to resummon … Teleports and charges closer to the player. Here are the Expert Items. It is recommended to build a single platform through the middle of the arena to summon Supreme Calamitas. All parts deal 25% more damage. Can jump through tiles. 4. Ancient Lights are indestructible. It summons a Calamity BABY to follow the player. When the Head reaches 33% health, every other spin attack is replaced with a barrage of homing Martian Missiles, the Cursed Skull attack only occurs before Martian Missile attacks, and the spin attack duration is reduced by 2 seconds. Slightly more defensive to piercing damage. The Brain has 22% more contact damage and Creepers have 25% more. The Cosmic Guardians can't hurt the player and the player can't hurt it for 3 seconds. https://calamitymod.gamepedia.com/Revengeance_Mode?oldid=134802, Pages using DynamicPageList dplvar parser function, Pages using DynamicPageList dplnum parser function, Grants the user the Invincible buff when consumed, which grants them godmode for a short time, 107 mph on ground & 61 mph when flying vertically, 61 mph while flying horizontally & 41 mph while flying vertically, These mechanics can be toggled through the. Hands attack more often and more aggressively. The Perforators shoot projectiles more often and the projectiles travel faster. Terraria made by Re-Logic. It also is recommended to build a platf… Posted by. Spawns Cthulhunados during Phase 3. Must be in phase 2 at the same time otherwise the other Twin will take almost no damage. When 10 or fewer Creepers are remaining, they become immune to knockback. Providence's movement and firing methods during the Blast, Molten, and Bomb phases are modified. Most of the gear obtained from the fight does, however inflict a a powerful debuff that may merit keeping over other Post-Plantera gear. Vastly increased defense. Spawns all kinds of slimes when damaged. Each ritual spawns Ancient Dooms. Shoots sand blasts at the player. Getting hit while the pet is active and not … Jumps more often, and Flame Pillars shoot projectiles faster. With a health pool clocking in at 8.8 millon in Rev+, incredibly fast and hard-hitting melee strikes, and enough … During sub-phase 4 it does 4-6 rapid chain dashes and then a long lined up horizontal dash which vomits Servants of Cthulhu. Speed increased in the first phase, except when the head eye is open. Both Twins will now transform into their second phases at 70% health. The Sharkrons spawned by his tornadoes have more HP. The more tentacles that are alive, the higher her defense is. True Eyes of Cthulhu stick closer to each other and their attacks are synced. No longer despawns when in The Corruption. When the head is dead, the body will jump more aggressively and higher and releases 3 fireballs from each of its sides upon hitting the ground. When dashing, contact damage is increased by 10%. Calamity Mod Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The Abyss The Abyss is a large biome that spawns past the dungeon in any world. The Perforator Hive shoots more projectiles and attempts to ram the player. After a short time, it charges directly at the player, additionally summoning lightning from above. calamitas stomp calamitas stomp Alright, so stats comparison time: Dungeon Guardian: 9999/19998 HP (and I assume 29997/39996 for Revengeance and death mode) 1000/2000 contact … The hit cap is lowered to 15 hits. Head segments shoot Cursed Flames, and retains the velocity of the head or body segment that was just killed. I also … Upon spawning, Supreme Calamitas will create a 159x159 (inner available area is 157x157) rectangular arena made of unbreakable Arena Blocks. When below 70% health, it can fire blue lasers which inflict Electrified for 1 second. Has 4 sub-phases during phase 2 to which it changes at 65%, 55%, and 40% HP respectively. Astrum Aureus spawns Aureus Spawns after astral flame crystal attacks, they are initially passive, but will become homing bombs if enough damage is dealt to them. In phase 3 Spazmatism performs the flamethrower attack for less time, stops to hover below the player and fire semi-homing Shadowflame Fireballs, then charges four times. When Calamitas' health is below 70%, she charges at the player twice following her laser and fireball attacks whenever no brothers are alive. Revengeance Mode is a new gamemode introduced in the Calamity Mod, serving as an increased difficulty level to Expert Mode. During the laser portal attack, the Ceaseless Void additionally summons a set of four invincible Dark Energy projectiles, which orbit around the spot they're spawned from, the size of the orbit varies between each of the projectiles, and they will disappear shortly after being spawned. Becomes more aggressive the less active tiles there are around her. Upon enraging when it turns to day, the head will heal to 300 life if is currently below that. While active, the Revengeance Mode icon will be shown on the top of the Difficulty Indicator. Head is invulnerable until fists are destroyed, and can shoot eye lasers at all times when vulnerable. Every successful usage of this weapon will inflict Mana Sickness to the player for 10 seconds. The Calamity Mod grants percentage-based damage reduction to many enemies and bosses, including vanilla ones. Transitions faster and gains a new phase under 15% health. Health increased to 8800000. Skeletron Head spins and teleports at a slower pace while hands are revived. Minimap icon disappears when at low life. The size of the arena created by Supreme Calamitas is reduced to 150x150. The whole ray appears instantly upon being fired but does not move after being fired, and it remains for about two seconds. If the player strays too far away from it, it will create a portal near the player before teleporting there and charging at them. A maximum of two can exist at once. Lasers are no longer fired in a random spread. While spinning, it fires three barrages of three sand blasts at the player. The ray is telegraphed by a line of particles. 44. Head segments deal 23% more contact damage, whereas other segments do 25% more. It fires a calamitous energy spike, which deals more damage depending on how … There is a specific challenge in the mod where the player must defeat Providence while only using the Profaned Soul Artifact's minions and the Golden Gun. The head is now vulnerable in phase 2, it also changes its movement pattern and starts firing explosive fireballs when the body is under 44% HP. Vehemence means "the display of strong feeling or passion".

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