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(1972) Interaction and influence processes in personal selling, Sloan Management Review, Winter: 59–76. Marketing professor Thomas Ingram of Colorado State University stresses the integration of marketing and sales. SALES MANAGEMENT PGDM 2010SALES MANAGEMENT/JAIDEV/DCSMAT 2. The first and simplest tip ever taught to sales people is smile when you are selling - whether that is in person or whilst you are on the phone. Your email address will not be published. Intelligently exploit illogical marketing practices done by your … Marketing professor Thomas Ingram of Colorado State University stresses the integration of marketing and sales. If there is a closely competitive market in products that are very similar --- Nissan v. Toyota, for example --- then price becomes the only real distinction. It is the crucial step in the AIDAS process. There are four theories of selling such as: 1.“AIDAS” theory 2.“Right set of circumstances” theory 3.“Buying-formula” theory 4.“Behavioural equation” theory. Selling and Sales Management Jobber • Lancaster 8th edition Over the last twenty years, Selling and Sales Management has proved itself to be the defi nitive text in this exciting and fast-moving area. PP21-CC Sales Management • Sales management involves planning the selling program and implementing and controlling the personal selling effort of the firm. Attention Getting:. Advancing sales theory through a holistic view: how social structures frame selling Nathaniel N. Hartmann , Heiko Wieland , Stephen L. Vargo & Michael Ahearne Pages: 221-226 Distribution is the domain of sales proper. 1. Selling is a wide subject, covering many selling methods, sales theories, models and sales training methods. Sales is a field of marketing which has made millionaires. Goal-Oriented: Similar to other management activities, sales management also have a specific purpose and intended for the achievement of specified goals or objectives. AIDAS theory of selling – seller oriented 2. Google Scholar Donaldson, B. ‘Right set of the circumstances’ Theory of Selling – Seller – oriented. In other words, it's not just about selling products and making money, but about building relationships based on trust, loyalty and mutual benefit. Thomas Ingram writes so as to make sure theory and practice are really one thing, not two. Creative Selling. 3. Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a management philosophy developed by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and made popular by the book, The Goal. Privacy. Happily much sales development theory takes this positive direction. So, to … How Do Monopolistically Competitive Market Firms Make Price & Output Decisions? Prospecting is that connection between marketing, which gets people to be interested in your products and know about your products and sales… The average time that is taken to close the deals. This means that the sales staff must be knowledgeable about the product, which means the product, sales and promotion are integrated on the sales floor. Thus, simultaneous with the changes taking … After serving in the United Stated Marine Corps for several years, he received his doctorate in history from the University of Nebraska. (1994) Supplier selection criteria on the service dimension: some empirical evidence, European Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management … Selling a car, for example, cannot effectively be done unless the sales staff is knowledgeable about the product, its specifications and distinctions, as well as contrasting its specifications to the competition. Sales … This is because these are really subsets of a broader microeconomic approach to the manipulation or creation of demand. Retail Customer-based Selling vs. Solution-based. A lot depended on his/her abilities, wit and entrepreneurial abilities in … The assumptions are that the sales force is a large part of customer service, familiarizing customers with the products and their differences and changes and, finally, promoting the product. Both Nissan and Toyota have excellent gas mileage and reliability, and hence, the only real way to promote the product in a competitive market is to stress the concept of price. Using this type of sales technique, a salesperson will identify and figure out … Sales Management helps the organization to achieve the sales targets efficiently. 2. These are the product, the price, promotion and active distribution. The art of meeting and exceeding the sales goals of an organization through effective planning, controlling, budgeting and leadership refers to sales management. The new edition comes fully updated with brand new case studies using working businesses to connect sales theory … UNIT 1 [Book Link] 1 Introduction to Sales Role of Selling in Marketing VIEW 2 Personal Selling VIEW 3 Salesmanship and Sales Manager VIEW 4 Types of Sales Personnel VIEW 5 Characteristics of a Successful Salesman VIEW 6 Theories of Selling VIEW # Sales Management VIEW 7 Process of effective Selling … The origins of the word 'sell' provide a useful reminder of its purest meaning. Therefore, sales "theory and practice" is an aspect of microeconomics and revolves around the response to demand. Your level of creativity, Tracy argues, is determined by your self-concept. Sales management is a … 1. Part of this is price. Walter Johnson has more than 20 years experience as a professional writer. ‘Behavioural Equation’ theory – … Focused on economic topics, Johnson reads Russian and has published in journals such as “The Salisbury Review,” "The Constantian" and “The Social Justice Review.". In these cases, and many more like it, the quantitative, bureaucratic idea is turned into a dynamic, qualitative idea. Continuous Process: The sales manager needs to perform sales management functions regularly, and this process is never-ending. Davis, H.L. Needs-Oriented Selling. In this theory… INTRODUCTION Evolution of the Sales Concept Nature and Role of Selling Image of Selling Objectives of Sales Management Integrating Sales and Marketing Management Environmental Changes Affecting Sales ManagementSALES MANAGEMENT… 3. Traditionally, marketing and sales has revolved around the "four variables." Positivity - The best sales people are happy sales people. A simple reason being that sales is not a comfortable job for any company and requires a certain knack. Sales management is related mainly to the management of the sales department which is an important organisational unit of management. The objective is to put the prospect … “AIDAS” theory and “Right set of circumstances” theory is seller … If these assumptions are correct, then the four variables are tightly integrated with sales, both in theory and in day to day practice. The primary focus of sales … ‘Buying Formula’ Theory of Selling – Buyer -oriented 4. It is also the place where sales theory and practice converge: it is where the perceived benefits of the product and its price come together in the actual sale --- money in the firm's pocket. What Inputs Should Be Considered When Making a Sales Forecast? The concept of "translating purchasing power into demand" is nothing other than this. Sales theory is about the relationship between the sales force and the product itself. The salesperson’s application of the correct stimulus with the appropriate efforts for... Product-Oriented Selling Theory. • Numerous tasks are involved in managing personal selling including:-- setting objectives;-- organizing the sales … Some … Transactions are turned into relationships, individuals are turned into teams and management turns into leadership. In doing this, he stresses the qualitative distinctions between the two ideas. Theories of Selling Content: Theories of Selling. Process of Sales Management. SPE is the application of TOC to sales. Businesses that thrive execute one thing very well: sales management. To understand the concept of sales management clearly, we must go through its following characteristics: 1. Sales theory is about the relationship between the sales force and the product itself. Sales is not normally empowered to change or alter prices. Better Prospecting, Better Selling. Unlike Maslow and Hertzberg, who developed general theories of motivation, Likert based this sales management theory on research which looked specifically at the motivation of salespeople. Sales Promotion Theory is the study of increasing short-term sales revenue. Challenge traditional industry beliefs. Principle number three is the better you are at prospecting, the better you will be at selling. His research investigated the methods used by sales managers in the running of sales … One of the main features of selling during this period was that emphasis was on individual effort from the sales person. This study can be conducted readily and effectively as the results can be measured quickly and, because of the … Sales Management: Analysis and Decision Making By Thomas N. Ingram, Raymond W. LaForge, Ramon A. Avila; 2008, Management Theory and Practice; Gerald A. Cole; 2003, How to Calculate the Annual Break Even of Units and Revenue. However, writers like Ingram stress that they should. The concept of sales "theory" or marketing "theory" is problematic. Sales is largely the process of turning demand turn into profit, or alternatively, turning purchasing power into demand. Sales-management differs from other fields of management, mainly in different aspects: the selling operation of a business firm does not exist in isolation. Selling is a wonderful profession when approached ethically, constructively and helpfully. Price and Promotion are synthesized into "Distribution," the fourth variable. Therefore, the connection between sales theory and practice is about building a real community that exists for mutual gain and utility --- the end of economic science itself. Because there are so many moving parts within an organization, the sales management process needs to be fully grasped to ensure each “aspect” of the collective sales effort is operating efficiently.. Systematic Approach: It is an organized way of handling the sales function of the comp… Stimulus-Response Theory. and Silk, A.J. Technically, sales is only found in the fourth variable, but it cannot be separated from the other three. The sales force may communicate effectively with the other … Determine challenging and realistic sales targets; Allot a particular area or territory to each salesperson; Set objectives and sales quota for the sales team.

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